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Sage is one of the most trusted business accounting software that helps users to organize and monitor your finances and also perform a variety of accounting tasks which can be done using smart cloud-based apps. Sage has ensured that the data that they store is highly safe and secure, they are aware that the private information of businesses and other confidential bank details are very crucial. The login password is one of the basic security features for any software irrespective of the aspect of work that they do. Sage has enhanced each and every corner of security as any breach in security would mean that the user would lose important data that could cause disruption of the finances. If at any point of time you see that you are encountering any unauthorized or suspicious activity on your sage account it is suggested that you immediately connect with Sage customer care number and have it cleared out with the experts. It is very useful to know a few troubleshooting methods for security errors which would help you in keeping your sage account secure. By going through this blog you would be able to have a complete overview of the common password error that you can encounter while using Sage and the ways that you can undertake when Sage is not accepting the correct password.

Causes of Sage not accepting correct password

It has been seen that for security purposes users are required to use the account credentials to access their sage software. There is a time when you would not be able to access the sage software despite using the correct password. The reasons for such a scenario is as given below:

  • The issue where the software cultivates an issue related to the password encryption
  • The issue of you having stored a later version of Sage
  • The issue where Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 is not enabled on your system
  • Corruption or Damage of your Sage file
  • There are chances that CCleaner was used to clean the registry for Sage 50 v23.2

Resolution to Sage not accepting correct password

Below are some of the basic solutions that can be used to solve the issue of Sage not accepting the correct password. The steps to be charted are as given below:

Recover Sage 50 accounts password

  • Go to the home page of sage after opening it
  • Once on the home page, select the ‘Sage Drive’ and open the Drive management center
  • Choose the option of ‘Forgot Password’ and then enter your registered email ID
  • Now on your registered email address, follow the information that you would receive from sage email.
  • Accurately following the steps would allow you to recover your password

>Utilize the demonstration data to create a new user along with a password

  • You would have to open the company window and then select the demonstration data
  • Further enter the required information and login is as Manager
  • In the settings, navigate to the access rights
  • Now you would have to click on ‘New’ and then ‘Test’ after which you would have to enter a username and password
  • In the end, log out from the manager account and then login using the new username and password that you had just created.
  • These are steps that would help you to solve the issue of Sage not accepting the correct password. If you face any difficulty in following these given steps, it is suggested that you connect with the Sage technical support number at the earliest and avail the best possible assistance.

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