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So you are trying to open Sage 50 software after updates and get stuck at the error message indicating problem occurred during the updates. Now you get frustrated to run payroll updates and unable to initiate the work process further. You may have tried various options to resolve the issue but ended up puzzled. However, the problem can be solved using a proper approach in a professional manner that you get later in this article. If you need you can contact at Sage 50 customer care number for the quick support and easily get fixed with the help of professional and experience and experts. Sage 50 is an astounding software that takes care of its users’ requirement and offer a lot of options to easily remove any issue. You need to go through this article further in order to get the quick fix.

Reasons behind Sage 50 unable to run payroll updates freezing up

Plenty of specific reasons can cause this trouble that prevents you to initiate the updates. Now get the exact reason from some of them that are mentioned below:

  • The problem in database password can cause this issue
  • Corrupted data may also be the reason
  • A failed upgrade that attempted earlier may generate the issue
  • The attempt to unlock old shortcut from taskbar
  • Sage 50 software may not be set to “run as administrator”
  • Another user attempt to log in may be the reason behind the issue

Easy solutions of Sage 50 unable to run payroll updates freezing up

Now you may have checked the reasons behind the issue and get aware of the possible cause that will be helping you to solve this issue easily. In order to solve the issue easily you can proceed with these steps given below:

Icon pinned to the taskbar

One of the reason, when you receive an error message, is the pinned icon to taskbar on your windows that prevent you to run payroll upgrade. So you can remove the error easily to unpin the icon form the taskbar and to do so follow these steps:

  • Find the Sage 50 icon in the taskbar and right-click
  • Now unpin this program from the taskbar
  • Then go to the program directory from “My computer” folder
  • Where you will find the payroll.exe file
  • By double-clicking on that file you can upgrade it

By repairing database

  • First, log out from sage 50 payroll
  • Now go the desktop and right-click on sage 50 icon
  • In properties option select shortcut tab then “open file location”
  • Double-click on DBUtilities.exe file and choose the company name
  • Then you need to find the “clear lock” option and click “yes” then “ok”
  • Now you need to go to the “repair” option and click “yes” then “ok”
  • Go to the repair again then click “ok”
  • To finish the process click on “close” option then choose “windows explorer”

After performing these steps you will be able to upgrade Sage 50 payroll in an easy manner. However, in some cases, you may not be able to solve the problem such quickly because of another issue. Then you need to call at Sage technical support number for prominent support and easy solution.

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