QuickBooks Support Number

Like all other software there various products of QuickBooks which when used can make your task easy and simple. For getting more information on these products you are to call QuickBooks customer support number that stays put 24x7 round the clock. The solutions which are provided by the technicians are reliable and true.


QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll saves the time of small and medium-size business owners by helping them to create the payroll of their employees. It comes in three different types – Basics, Enhanced, and Assisted Payroll. By using this software you can keep informed about your employees organized and can create and submit taxes and can manage the benefits and deduction of employees.


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based software that offers online application to businesses for managing their accounts. The browsers which support this software are Safari 6.1, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 10. In QuickBooks Online you have the option for signing up five or more users. With this, you will not miss any upgrade and you will not have to pay for these updates too.


Quickbooks POS

The business owners who are in boutiques business or restaurant or any bar business use QuickBooks POS most. It offers smooth and easy processing of the transaction by allowing users to enter all kind of sales related information on your accounting software. It manages and automate banking process between users and company and manages the inventory and purchase orders.


QuickBooks Enterprise

So as to manage the complex operation of business Intuit developed the software QuickBooks Enterprise. By using this tool user will have complete accounting flexibility here they download their bank and credit card statement easily and can track the expenses in which tax will be deducted. You can also see the employee’s information and arranges all the receipts and another accounting document in an organized manner.


QuickBooks ProAdvisor

QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a word used to define a specialized employee or a professionally trained technician who has mastered the art of QuickBooks by undertaking straightforward and progressive skill requirements of QuickBooks accounting software. These advisors work with small or upcoming businesses to aid them with their accounting work so these businesses can acquire the benefits and advantages of the software.


QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is seen to be the most sought after software when it comes to dealing with small or medium-sized business. It is mainly designed to manage the accounting transaction and to store all necessary information. To use the QuickBooks Desktop it is a one-time investment. A license grant is provided which can be used to install the software in 3 systems.

Quickbooks Products


Brilliant features of QuickBooks

There are various features which are making business owners to use this accounting software:

  • Invoicing: The feature of invoicing allows you to create professional sales receipts and invoice for your company.
  • Cloud Advantage: The feature of cloud accounting makes the user to success their accounts and manage the business from anywhere and at any time.
  • Time tracking: Business owners can track the time and billable hours of their employee by using the option of time tracking
  • Manage Bills: It has the feature of cash flow management where can enter their bills and pay the outstanding bill dues.
  • Security: All your bank accounts and financial data is safe and secure with QuickBooks
  • Bookkeeping: One can manage and record all their business transaction.
  • Simplified Tax: Preparing and paying tax to be it individual or business become easy and smooth.
  • Improved Accuracy: With QuickBooks chances of error in calculation is minimized to zero.

Achive Your Problem In 4 Step

Company Information should be provided in your accounting software to make sure all the invoices and sale receipt provided by you have detail about your company. If this company information is not set accurately then you are likely to enter into some issues. Before writing the company information keep these 4 things handy with you:

  • 1

    Company Name

  • 2

    Company Type

  • 3

    Contact details

  • 4

    Home Address

What Is Quickbooks

The accounting software QuickBooks has made the job business owners easy and smooth by managing their accounts and finances. This accounting software was launched by Intuit Inc. one of the eminent software developing agency. Millions of consumers are using this software because of its rich features and functionalities. As this era demands that work should be smartly done so you can say that QuickBooks is one of the smartest accounting software of this generation which is giving helping hand to various businesses. The free version of this software is available for 30 days but the paid version has its own glory and importance.

This software is known for saving your time as well as managing it. By using this software one can prepare their balance sheet, create invoices, bills, manages the flow of cash, tracking expenses and accept payments and many more such things. If you want to get hold of this accounting software then you can easily download it. And if you want to gather more information about how to use this software then communicate with experts by dialing QuickBooks helpline number.

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Run Your bussiness with quickbooks Anytime. Anywhere

The small business accounting software QuickBooks is used to manage expenses and sales. It can be used to keep track of the daily expense the business or users do or to create invoice and tax, generate reports for accounts, pay bills and tax filing and etc. This software can be used by solopreneur to small and mid-size businesses. With QuickBooks, you can save your accounting data on clouds so that it will be easy for you to use it and access it from anywhere and at any time. You can get real-time access and view of the cash flowing in your business.


People need to get in touch with QuickBooks phone number for solving the glitches which they face while using QuickBooks and its various products. Some of these issues are listed below:

  • Installation and downloading error
  • Snag while Upgrading QuickBooks software
  • Printing issues while printing through QuickBooks
  • Banking error 9995
  • QuickBooks not responding
  • Various Pin Problems error
  • Log file error in QuickBooks
  • Company file not opening
  • Unable to connect to a remote server

There are many more such errors which users generally witness while using this smart accounting software but they can always try to resolve these error on their own. If still, you are not able to troubleshoot that error then the best way to solve the problem at hand is by taking the help of QuickBooks experts who are having sound knowledge of this software. This software has made life easier for bankers, accountants and even for business owners as now they can manage their finance easily and without getting into any kind of pressure.

Support for window/mac

Users some time face trouble while using this accounting software on their Windows or Mac system. This error can be due to an incomplete installation or system requirement not met. So before calling QuickBooks tech Support Number for help, you need to first check the system requirement.

Operating System

Windows 10 or 8.1with 64 bit

Database Server

For Windows: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2011, Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, and Windows 10, natively installed.

Linux: - installation: OpenSuse 42.3, Fedora 27, Red Hat Enterprise 7 while you using QBES Database Server.


Hardware Requirement

Once you have checked the system requirement it is very easy to install the QuickBooks accounting software by downloading it from an official website.

Quickbooks Download

Installation and setup of the cloud-based accounting software on Windows:

  • Use the official Intuit website to download the QuickBooks software.
  • Once downloaded, open the location where you have saved the QuickBooks software and start the installation of the QB executable file.
  • Agree to the licensing terms and conditions.
  • Provide with the product license number
  • Click on install
  • Provide your admin login credentials>launch QuickBooks>open the file.

But still, if you are not able to install this on our system then dial QuickBooks Customer service Number, where all your queries will be answered.

Installation and setup of the cloud-based accounting software on Mac:

  • Download the QuickBooks software from the official Intuit website.
  • Once downloaded, open the location where you have saved the QuickBooks software and double click on the QB executable file and start the installation process.
  • Extract the files and select ‘Next’ to start the installation process.
  • Agree to the licensing terms and conditions.
  • Provide with the product license number
  • Click on install
  • For set up, you can set it in multi-user mode.
  • Bring the QuickBooks server icon to the application folder.
  • Provide your admin login credentials>launch QuickBooks>open the file.

Frequently Asked Question

For fixing the issue which users generally face while installing QuickBooks one must implement these steps given below in the sequence they are given:

Method 1: Utilizing the QuickBooks install diagnostics tool:
  • Download the QuickBooks install diagnostics tool on your system and save it to any comfortable location.
  • Discontinue all the running programs and navigate back to the desktop and run the downloaded tool.
  • Allow the diagnostic tool to scan the system and restart the device once the diagnosis is completed.
Method 2: Update the Windows:
  • Press the windows key on your keyboard. A window will appear, search ‘Windows Update’ in it.
  • Select the option of ‘Check for updates’. From the list that would be displayed select everything and click on ‘Install’.
  • Now, restart the device.

The error code 30159 in QuickBooks can occur during installation of the accounting software. The recommended solution which must be used for solving the issue is given below:

  • Close all the running tabs on your system. Switch off your system and restart it after a few minutes.
  • Log in to your system with your administrative credentials.
  • Double click on the Start icon.
  • Navigate to Accessories and then select System Tools.
  • Now, Go to System Restore and opt for the icon by double-clicking.
  • You would be given the option to restore your system to a previous time. Proceed ahead following the instructions.
  • From the list of given options, choose the option of Reinstall as your required demand.
  • The next window that would open would demand confirmation. To confirm, select the icon ‘Next’.
  • After this, restart your system again after all the above-given steps are completed.
For resetting the password of QuickBooks Admin you can use the security question option:
  • Login to the QuickBooks desktop screen by administering with your username
  • Select the Forget password option.
  • A choice of answering the security question will be provided.
  • Answer the question which you had set while initially setting up your account.
  • Input the new password that you want for your account.
  • Agree to reset it.
If you want to reset the QuickBooks Admin password by using code then just go through these tips:
  • Open the QuickBooks login window and choose the option of Forgot password.
  • Then opt for Forgot answer option.
  • After this, you would receive a reset code on your email.
  • Fill in the required information correctly.
  • After the said steps are completed you would be able to successfully reset the password.
  • Just go through these guidelines to create the backup of company file:
    • The first thing to be done is to open the file for which you have to create a backup.
    • On the list of icons on the top of your panel, take your cursor to the file option, and select either Save Copy or Create Backup option.
    • Now you have to choose the Backup Copy option and choose next.
    • Another will appear and you would need to select the ‘Create Local Backup’ option.
    • After selecting, the software would now ask you for your preferred place for saving the file.
    • You can browse through options by selecting the Browse option.
    • You are given the complete freedom to save the file at any desired location.
    • After selecting the location, choose the save option.
    • After opting for save option, it will soon start the backup process.
    • The duration of the backup process would depend upon the size of the file that you are willing to back up. Do not turn the system off during any time of the process or else the procedure would not complete and could also tamper with your files.

    If you are not able to create the backup then just take help from experts by dialing QuickBooks customer care number which stays put 24*7.

    What if when you try opening the QuickBooks you encounter the issue of not responding? If this ever happened then you should execute these steps:

    Resolution 1: Reboot & temporarily disable the antivirus on device

    If you face the issue of QuickBooks not responding to your commands, it may be due to the antivirus that has been installed on your system.

    • First thing, restart the device & open your QuickBooks desktop.
    • Temporarily deactivate the antivirus on your desktop.
    • Check whether the problem has been solved.
    Resolution 2: Run QuickBooks Install diagnostic tool

    This tool comes in very hand to fix all the issues of QuickBooks accounting software. If you don’t have it, then you will have to download it.

    • Close all the existing programs running on your device before initiating this tool.
    • Initiate the QBInstall Tool and let the program take its course. It would take around 20 minutes for the tool to do its work.
    • Reboot your system after the tool function is complete.
    Steps which users are supposed to flow while downloading QuickBooks file doctor are:
    • Find the QuickBooks File Doctor Application in the official website and download the app. This application is completely free of cost.
    • After the download is complete, open the qbfd.exe file and proceed with the instruction and install this app on your device.
    • After the installation is complete, the software will automatically open.
    • Choose the company file from the drop-down list or search for it using the search option.
    • Choose from any of the given options:
      1. Both file damage and network connectivity
      2. Network connectivity only
    • Provide the admin password of the company and proceed by clicking on ‘Next’.
    • Opt the desired workstation or Host/Server.
    • This would initiate the QuickBooks File Doctor diagnosis process. Wait until the process is completed.
    • After completion, close the application.
    • You can also use the QuickBooks File Doctor to check whether it has been correcting installed or not by opening the company file and trying to resolve the issue.

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